Modernize and improve end-user experience with Mobile Flows

VMware Workspace ONE provides a variety of solutions to cater to almost any use case in the Desktop and Mobility space. But there is one major feature that we feel is underrated by most companies. And that’s Mobile Flows!

So… what exactly is Mobile Flows, what’s required to use it, and how can it be setup based on an example of ServiceNow integration? Well, let’s have a look. Fasten your seatbelts as we walk you through!

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Mobile moments

In May 2018, VMware announced a new Workspace ONE feature called Mobile Flows. While reading through the articles and having lots of conversations with customers it was clear not everybody really understood the potential behind it. Many were still focusing on the common topics such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), or secure access to the IT infrastructure and backend systems. Nobody was paying attention to the end-user experience, which is key for empowering the employees to do more in less time with ease.

To better understand this employee experience, VMware conducted a study on how people work. The main objective was to understand how much time end users spendusing their various devices to perform common tasks. The results were surprising:

  • Employees pick up their smart devices 150 times per day in average
  • Each use of a smart device lasts on average less than 72 seconds
  • Employees tend to put off tasks that requires= multiple apps or systems to complete

These results led VMware to pose the question, “What if we can significantly improve the end-user experience while making employees more productive? “

Someone once called the workflow of picking up a smart device to complete a specific task in a short amount of time “Mobile Moments”. This could be reading and replying to a mail, checking SAP Concur to review and approve/decline a travel expense, granting permissions to a OneDrive folder and so on. For each task end-users are forced to open a native application or visit a website, authenticate themselves, and then navigate to the right location to get the desired job done. All this in less than 72 seconds!

Making these interactions easier and more effective is where Mobile Flows comes into play. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Examples of Mobile Flows

OneDrive for Business

A member of a different business unit requires a document, which is located on your personal OneDrive. They ask you to grant them access to the document. You grab your device of choice, log into OneDrive (authenticate), drill down to the corresponding folder to find the requested document. Finally, you may/or may not grant access. What if you were to get a (push) notification in the Intelligent Hub, read quickly what you have been asked for (grant access) and with one push of a button you take action – all without opening the OneDrive app or visiting the OneDrive website!

SAP Concur

If you’re a manager, you potentially are confronted with reviewing and approving or declining travel expenses. While traveling, you may want to use time on the go to keep on top of things and review your team’s expenses. Well, Mobile Flows can help!

Intelligent Hub shows all necessary travel expense data at a glance so you can approve/decline in seconds. We call the displayed data “Cards”. If necessary, you can even provide a comment within Intelligent Hub to let the requestor know why you have declined it. And again, all this without opening a 3rd party app or visiting a website. Neat, huh?

Support and orders through the Virtual Assistant

While at work, you come across common recurring topics such as requesting support for an IT problem or ordering a device replacement. Let’s take the latter as an example. Usually, you open your ITSM portal, navigate to the IT hardware catalog and search for the desired hardware, select it and wait for approval – not mentioning chasing your manager to review your request…

With Mobile Flows and a Virtual Assistant this whole process can be sped up. The Virtual Assistant easily guides the end user through the process of ordering new equipment– all within the Intelligent Hub. Want to see it in action? Just check out the short demo below.

There are numerous other examples, but we’re sure you see the value behind Mobile Flows now. Endless opportunities!

Written by
Senior Customer Success Manager at VMware Global Inc.

Experienced Senior Customer Success Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the End User Computing (EUC) space. Passonate with helping customers accelerate time to value and achieve their business outcomes whilst creating a collaborative working environment that motivates people to do their best work. Additionally, profession for finding technical solutions and absolute tech nerd with a Bachelor in Computer Science (Bsc)

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