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So, now you understood the technology behind mobile flows, let’s start with the actual technical implementation. In the next sections we’ll describe the way to get Mobile Flows working together with ServiceNow and also IBM Watson to extend your virtual assistant experience.

Why ServiceNow? Because many companies use it as their ITSM portal – and the developer license is free (for more information, please visit

In the final development stage, you’ll be able to:

  • Single sign-on to ServiceNow
  • Generate a ServiceNow ticket
  • View your created ServiceNow tickets
  • Order a device

First we’ll show you how to integrate ServiceNow with Workspace ONE Access. Since ServiceNow is such a huge solution, we divided the part into two parts. The MID Server for synchronising the on-prem Active Directory to ServiceNow and then the actual SSO configuration in Workspace ONE Access.
After the ServiceNow part, we’ll take a look into IBM Watson and how we can implement this service into Workspace ONE Hub Services.
Last but not least we’ll configure the ServiceNow Chatbot Connector in the Mobile Flow service.

ServiceNow integration

We assuming, that you already created a ServiceNow developer account – if not, just follow this link.

After you created the developer instance (this step-by-step guide is based on the ServiceNow’s Orlando release) we’ll configure the following settings:

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