Automating Let’s Encrypt cerificates lifecycle for Unified Access Gateway, Horizon and Workspace One services

The UAG is very important part of Workspace One platform, delivering secure access to services like Horizon (including Horizon Cloud on Azure and AWS), Content Gateway, Tunnel and recently even Secure Email Gateway. If you deploy Unified Access Gateway in production, you probably put it behind a virtual IP (VIP) that will load balance the

Troubleshooting Delivery Optimization

In the past weeks I was heavily involved in some Delivery Optimization (DO) troubleshooting. Luckily we were able to solve the customer issues and I would like to share some of the lessons learned with you. Things you should know about Delivery Optimization Before we start with the general troubleshooting, you first need to know

Windows Update for Business Updated

When talking about Windows Update it’s often a pain point, for administrator to configure and for users to experience.Over the years multiples OSes came out and a layer of settings has been added, replaced and even interacted with each other.Adding to that, Windows changed from Group Policy management to Configuration Service Provider (API) management which
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