Hybrid Modern Authentication with VMware Boxer – Part 2 – Prerequisites

Prerequisites for Hybrid Exchange Topology The following prerequisite list is added for convenience and is valid at time of writing, you should always refer to the latest documentation from Microsoft available here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise/hybrid-modern-auth-overview The list detail the prerequisites for Hybrid deployment, this article series will not go over the hybrid configuration itself, only the activation

Hybrid Modern Authentication with VMware Boxer – Part 1 – Introduction

To improve readability and comprehension the subject is divided in multiple articles: What is Hybrid Modern Authentication? Hybrid Modern Authentication (HMA) is Modern Authentication applied to Microsoft Exchange on-premises. This allows organizations to use Azure authentication, whether it is federation with a third party IDP or directly with Azure for managed domains, for their on-premises

Deploy apps with Windows Package Manager

The “new” Windows Package Manager – or WinGet – will be the replacement of the current Windows Store for Business (WSfB). Since the WSfB is announced end of life for next year (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-store/microsoft-store-for-business-overview), we need to start looking into WinGet to manage applications. WinGet is a full open source application manager that is managed by

Automating Let’s Encrypt certificates lifecycle for Unified Access Gateway’s Horizon and Workspace ONE services

The UAG is very important part of Workspace ONE and Horizon platforms, delivering secure access to services like virtual apps and desktops (including Horizon 8 and Horizon Cloud on Azure), Content Gateway, Tunnel and Secure Email Gateway. If you deploy Unified Access Gateway in production, you probably put it behind a virtual IP (VIP) that
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