Automating Let’s Encrypt cerificates lifecycle for Unified Access Gateway, Horizon and Workspace One services

The UAG is very important part of Workspace One platform, delivering secure access to services like Horizon (including Horizon Cloud on Azure and AWS), Content Gateway, Tunnel and recently even Secure Email Gateway. If you deploy Unified Access Gateway in production, you probably put it behind a virtual IP (VIP) that will load balance the

How to setup Workspace ONE Launcher to allow Users to access Update Page in Settings

While using Workspace ONE Launcher you sometimes want to restrict access to the Settings , but still keep the Devices up to date with the latest Android Updates. In this Blog I will show the settings required to have the Updates Settings accessible by the user and not opening up the whole Settings. I used

VMware SASE with Workspace ONE Web App

For VMware Customers that are using the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) already it is easy to activate this also for the VMware Web App. for more informations on SASE please check the VMware page for details, . I used Cloud Web Security to protect users from dangerous sites and secures the device and
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