Create a custom PPKG for the Factory Provisioning Tool

Sometimes you need to add/modify something in a PPKG and you don’t want to create a new PPKG in the Workspace ONE console. Normally this is not supported since the Factory Provisioning Tool checking the PPKG for a “watermark”.

This guid will show you how to create a custom PPKG with the Windows ICD and add the watermark to the PPKG so it will run with the VMware Factory Provisioning Tool.


  1. Create a PPKG in the Workspace ONE Console
  2. Download the PPKG
  3. Extract the PPKG
  4. Open the customizations.xml in the \Multivariant\0 folder
    In this file there are the commands for the application installation
  5. Open the Windows ICD (if you haven’t installed it – download the installer from HERE
  6. Create a new PPKG with the advanced provisioning option
  7. Navigate to
    OOBE -> and HideOOBE -> True
  8. ProvisioningCommands -> DeviceContext -> Command Files
    And add all files to the PPKG that where included in the customizations.xml
  9. Add the commandline from the customizations.xml
  10. Add your modifications
  11. Your don’t need to create the PPKG for now – since we’ll do it via commandline
  12. Open the source of the PPKG

There you’ll find the configuration and the customizations.xml.

We need to change:




This is actually the “Watermark” for the Factory Provisioning Tool. If you don’t change this, the PPKG will not run with the tool.

After you changed the configuration, you can now create the PPKG.

Open the CMD as administrator and run this command (change the paths if needed):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Imaging and Configuration Designer\x86>ICD.exe /Build-ProvisioningPackage /CustomizationXML:"C:\Temp\customizations.xml" /PackagePath:C:\Temp\FTP_Enabled.ppkg /StoreFile:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Imaging and Configuration Designer\x86\Microsoft-Desktop-Provisioning.dat"

Feel free to watch the walkthrough video:

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