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If you start with Windows management and VMware Workspace ONE, you should know which paths should me excluded from AntiVirus.

There are several paths were the VMware Intelligent HUB reads, writes and modifies data.

The following path should be excluded from AntiVirus:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\AirWatch\AgentUI
  • C:\ProgramData\AirWatch
  • C:\ProgramData\AirWatchMDM
  • C:\Program Files\VMware\SfdAgent

If you want to exclude also the executables, then see this list:

  • ApplicationManagerWin32.exe
  • AW.ProtectionAgent.PowershellExecutor.exe
  • AW.ProtectionAgent.PowershellExecutor.exe
  • AW.Win32.ModernApp.exe
  • AW.WinPC.Updater.exe
  • AWACMClient.exe
  • AWProcessCommands.exe
  • AwWindowsIpc.exe
  • CertificateWinForm.exe
  • LockDevice.exe
  • NativeEnrollment.exe
  • NDP461-KB3102438-Web.exe
  • TaskScheduler.exe
  • UEMBaselines.exe
  • UEMBaselines.exe
  • VMware.Hub.SfdAgent.DeployCmd.exe
  • VMware.Hub.Win32Agent.AppXInstaller.exe
  • vmwosqext.exe
  • Win32AgentIPC.exe

If you are still using the old Workspace ONE app, then those executables needs also be excluded:

  • VMWorkspace.userinterface.exe
  • VMWorkspace.bridge.exe

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