How to setup Workspace ONE Launcher to allow Users to access Update Page in Settings

While using Workspace ONE Launcher you sometimes want to restrict access to the Settings , but still keep the Devices up to date with the latest Android Updates. In this Blog I will show the settings required to have the Updates Settings accessible by the user and not opening up the whole Settings. I used the 21.10 Launcher here , while this is supported on Version 3.2+ already.

Adding Action to Launcher Profile

In the Launcher Profile go to “Advanced Customization” and Enable the “Add Custom Device Settings”, then Select “Action” as Type and enter a Name. the Name will be displayed to the Enduser, while the action needs to be the exact Settings page the User should Access. In our case it is “android.settings.SYSTEM_UPDATE_SETTINGS” for the Android Update . Once added Click to “Save” and Publish the Profile.

In Case you do not see it in the Console the Settings (requires UEM 21.11) you can add Custom XML to the Launcher Profile:

<characteristic type="" uuid="568bc89d-1df8-4ce9-a041-e5a24acdb7ec">
        <parm name="CustomSettings" value="
                &quot;CustomSettings&quot;: [
                        &quot;name&quot;: &quot;Update Settings &quot;,
                        &quot;action&quot;: &quot;android.settings.SYSTEM_UPDATE_SETTINGS&quot;

This is how it looks on the Device if you open the Settings of Launcher

I have verified this settings on an Samsung S21 and a Nokia 5.4 and they work like a charm.

UX on the Device

On the device the user can see the Update Settings over the Setting s in Launcher, while the rest of the Settings is restricted:

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8 thoughts on “How to setup Workspace ONE Launcher to allow Users to access Update Page in Settings

  • KJ
    2022-03-13 at 20:00

    Great write up. How did you come upon those android settings? Are you using the android developer site to find that? Are there other examples?

    • Patrick Zoeller
      2022-03-14 at 16:47

      I used ADB Tool (Logs) with my Device to find out the exact path to enter for the Android Update

  • Arian
    2022-05-12 at 16:34

    Hi Patrick

    If we want to open the “SIM PIN Settings” in Android, how would you do that with ADB Tool?
    I get tons of logs but don’t see any hint how to get that Settings window.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Patrick Zoeller
      2022-05-13 at 10:07

      Hi Arian,
      You can use the “Package and Class” and then define the Package Name with “” & Class Name with “” , this worked for me.
      SIM Pin Setting

  • Jose
    2022-05-20 at 11:00

    Hi Patrick,

    Is it possible to disable screen lock (slide) on devices remotely?

    So that when they reboot the device is unlocked.


    • Patrick Zoeller
      2022-05-20 at 15:41

      Hi Jose,
      So Manually You can do this here :  Settings > Security > Screen Lock > None

      also with StageNow from Zebra the Setting is called “Screen Lock Type” that can be deployed with Workspace ONE it should work.
      best regards

  • Afroz Khan
    2022-05-23 at 14:57

    Great Article….

    Can we do the same for Mobile Data and Hot Spot options ? I am looking for the solution i can allow user to access Mobile Data and Hot Spot toggle in Quick access panel or Launcher setting Page.

    • Patrick Zoeller
      2022-05-23 at 15:51

      Hi Afroz ,
      Tethering works with the following settings :

      Package Names
      Class Name

      but also there eis a Button to Enable the Settings “Tethering Setting” in the UEM Launcher Profile GUI.

      I did not test the Mobile Data , as I do not have a Sim Card in the Device 😉
      would be the best to debug on ADB if you are not sure.

      best regards Patrick

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