It is now time to apply for the new EUC Experts 2024!

With the intent of the divest of the EUC Devision from VMware by Broadcom (details here : ) also the vExpert EUC Sub Programm is moving to a separate community. As I am a active vExpert and also vExpert Pro, I assist people with their application, provide feedback and also recommendations for a successful application for the vExpert Program. But as my heard is in EUC I am offering the same for the EUC Expert Community as well. So feel free to get it in touch with me via the vExpert Pro program ( ) or the office hours we are hosting Monday and Thursday (details : ).

Note: The opinions and views expressed on this blog are engaging only the author and don’t
necessarily represent VMware’s or Broadcom’s positions, strategies or opinions.

What is needed for a good chance to be EUC Expert 2024?

Here some personal thoughts of the contributions that can count towards the successful application :
– Authored Books
– written Blog Articles
– major articles or authored books
– online speaking engagements (webinars, podcasts, tutorial videos, etc.)
– social media posts/interactions promoting VMware EUC content/events (Twitter, LI, Reddit)
– in person speaking engagements (VMUG, Explore, EUCTechCon etc.)

Note: make sure you include all the Links and Infos in the application form.

Where can I apply ?

Application is through January 22, 2024, they are accepting open applications for the 2024 EUC Experts community here:

Why should I apply ?

Join the other EUC Experts who have been diligent trailblazers in the VMware EUC tech industry, who continue to forge a path into the future of Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management, Horizon innovations. The community leads are hosting a virtual monthly call with exclusive speakers like EUC Leadership Briefings, Roadmap sessions, early access to upcoming released Products, Feedback Sessions , Best Practices and a lot of more. There are also some in person Meetups and events with exclusive to the EUC Experts. So apply today to join this exclusive group.

Need help or have questions ?

Feel free to reach out to me via the comment function on this blog (Public) or via LinkedIn (Private) if I can help.
Also you can follow the community leads, Jennifer Godwin and Holly Lehman on LinkedIn , join the conversation, and be part of the future we’re building together.

The future of tech is here, and the EUC Experts are leading the way! 🚀🌐✨

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vExpert, blogger and VMware champion. Worked 10 years as a VMware & Microsoft consultant for a partner before joining VMware in 2017.

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