Full list of VMware WS1 UEM Launcher Icons for HTML or Lookup Widgets

While I was showing in a blog how to use the widgets and the available Icons from the code I used here: https://digitalworkspace.one/2023/06/19/using-htlm-widgets-in-workspace-one-launcher/ there seems to not be any real documentation on available icons and also how they look like. So I thought let me create a blog as a reference of proven and working icons, especially as this in just in XML available and not directly in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

As a sample I used the Bookmark last time. Bookmark need the “ic_action_bookmark” as Icon in the XML. So let us do this with the Device Serial Number to showcase.

here the used XML:

<characteristic type="com.airwatch.android.androidwork.launcher" uuid="568bc89d-1df8-4ce9-a051-e5a24acdb7ec">
<parm name="ForYouWidgets" value="
&quot;label&quot;: &quot;Serial&quot;,
&quot;type&quot;: &quot;lookupvalue&quot;,
&quot;value&quot;: &quot;{DeviceSerialNumber}&quot;,
&quot;icon&quot;: &quot;<strong>ic_action_bookmark</strong>&quot;

On the Device it looks like this:

So here we go with the full list of 36 icons supported on Launcher Widgets, fully tested on 23.02 Launcher:

Description Key Icon
bookmark ic_action_bookmark
accept Ic_action_accept  
brightness ic_action_brightness
download ic_action_download
edit ic_action_edit
favorite ic_action_favorite  
filter ic_action_filter
nighmode ic_action_nightmode  
open in  ic_action_open_in  
print ic_action_print  
save ic_action_save
search ic_action_search  
todo ic_action_todo    
trash ic_action_trash 
wipe ic_action_wipe
compose ic_communication_compose
downloads ic_communication_downloads
info ic_communication_info 
mail ic_communication_mail
message ic_communication_message
network ic_communication_network
notification ic_communication_notification
question ic_communication_question
reply ic_communication_reply
send ic_communication_send
share ic_communication_share
camera ic_media_camera
cloud ic_media_cloud   
desktop ic_media_desktop
device ic_media_device
file ic_media_file
files ic_media_files
settings gear ic_navigation_settings_gear
settings nut ic_navigation_settings_nut
lock ic_security_lock
clock ic_time_clock

To test out all the Icons I created a sample XML that can be used for testing in a Custom payload along with the normal launcher payload in a single profile.


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