Empower Frontline Workers with Honeywell Devices and Workspace ONE UEM

In this blog post I want to show the basics of the Honeywell Enterprise Provisioner and how the Enrolment of a device with Workspace ONE UEM looks like. I used some basic Settings while the Honeywell Enterprise Provisioner supports also a lot of other settings that may be relevant for you.

The integrated QR-Code Wizard in WS1 UEM als works with Honeywell and we can generate Honeywell QR-Codes as well. But with Enterprise Provisioner you can add some more settings specific to Honeywell Devices in a GUI within minutes.

Get the Honeywell Enterprise Provisioner

To geht the Honeywell EP you need to have an account registered at Honeywell. Also it is Windows only , if you run a macOS Device you need a VM with Windows. Also you need to download and install the “Honeywell Software Downloader” from the Software Portal of Honeywell before the Download of Honeywell EA will work.

Once done you can Click the Download Link of the Honeywell Enterprise Provisioner. This Link is located in the Menu here:

Configure the Settings in the Enterprise Provisioner

To provide a overview of the Basic Settings and additional Settings that can be modified i created a short Tutorial:

Enroll a Device

To enroll a Device we can use the integrated Provisioning Tool on the Device like shown here

Honeywell ScanPal EDA 52

The Honeywell EDA52 was used in my case to showcase the Enrollment for a Frontline Workers Use-case. It has a 2D Scanner and works perfectly in Combination with Workspace ONE UEM. The Frontline Worker just needs to press the Buttons on the Left and on the right and the Scanner starts. It automatically inserts the content in the selected field.

While I was using the device it was Running on Android 11, Enrolled with Workspace ONE UEM and also the WS1 Launcher works perfectly with that device.

OEM Config with Honeywell

Also OEM Config is available for the Honeywell devices. The App is called “Honeywell UEMConnect” . Here you can specify Restrictions, General Settings, Applications and a lot of other specific Honeywell settings.

Here some samples of the Configuration Categories, tht can be selected in the Assignment:

As you can see there are a lot of options to have your Frontline Workers using a Honeywell device with Workspace ONE UEM Efficiently and Secure by not compromising the Employee Experience.

Thanks to Honeywell for temporary supplying the Honeywell EDA52 Test and Demo Device to help me write this blog post !

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