Use Microsoft Conditional Access Registration status in Workspace ONE Intelligence for Reporting and Automation

With the UEM 23.10 Update for Conditional Access ( Details here: ) the UEM Admin part was much easier, but I thought it might be a good thing to not stop there. So what about to have this functionality in Intelligence, so having Reports, Dashboards and Automations there to have full visibility over the

Workspace ONE UEM Conditional Access Update with UEM 23.10

Since 2020 Workspace ONE UEM supports Conditional Access with Microsoft Azure AD (now Entra ID) . While last year VMware expanded support for Google BeyondCorp Conditional Access, I was still missing a nice GUI to see if a Device is registered or not and also a API that gets back the Registration was not there

Workspace One UEM 3rd party compliance integration – Microsoft Graph API

Note : This blog post is not very recent and is kept for archiving reasons.For the most up to date info on the partner compliance integration with Azure AD go to Techzone and also check out other possible compliance integrations to Azure AD with Tunnel or Access Update1: device demo section, Android
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