Exporting VMware Workspace ONE Baselines Configurations via API

To keep your Windows Desktop devices configured to best practices you can use Baselines. Workspace ONE UEM curates industry-recommended settings into one Baseline configuration to simplify securing your devices. Baselines reduce the time it takes to set up and configure Windows devices.

Baselines can be found in “Resources”, “Profiles & Baselines” and “Baselines”:

If you have a Baseline already configured , you can then copy the Baseline in the GUI. Therefore just click to the Baseline radio button, and select it, once done the COPY button is shown.

As of today (23.06 UEM) there is no Export Function in GUI, but there are some APIs to get the Baseline configuration exported for compliance reason for example.

I added the required API Calls on Github, the link is available at the end of the Blog.

Getting the Organisation Group UUID

Note: If you know the UUID of your OG already go directly to the next Chapter: “Exporting Baseline Configuration”

Go to “Groups & Settings” , Groups, “Organization Groups” and click to “Details”: getting the Group ID.

Copy out the numeric ID in the address bar of you browser as shown here:

Note: The APIs calls are available for download in the last part of this Blog, see “API Calls in a Postman Collection”

Now run the API “Step 2: get the OG UUID from the OG ID Numeric”.
Make sure you have the OG-Numeric ID from the URL entered and update the API Server URL correctly.

Once done copy out the UUID. This is the UUIO of the OG and is needed for the next API Calls.

Exporting Baseline Configuration

Now run the API “Step 3: Get All Baselines Details”.

Make sure you update the Group-UUID from the first API Call and update the API Server URL correctly:

Select the Baseline your want to export and note down the “customizationBlobID”

As the last step run the API “Step 4: Get Baseline Settings”.

Make sure you update the “BaselineBlob” from the 2nd API Call and update the API Server URL correctly:

With the API Call response you see the Settings in a JSON File , this can be saved as a file in Postman.

API Calls in a Postman Collection

For ease of use , I have exported my Postman Collection for this , so you do not need to create your API Calls from scratch. Download is available here:


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